Websites that win clients

Unique, effective, easy-to-manage and very affordable

Would you like more clients for your therapy business? Of Course you would! So, you are going to need a website that is attractive, unique, and shows your prospective customers that YOU are the therapist they will trust.

The great news is that now you can have all this – for a fraction of the price you might expect. That is exactly what you can expect from a Web Therapies site… and we have the track record to prove it.

We will hand-build a completely unique site to your specifications, using HTML, CSS, Javascript and other web technologies. You don’t have to worry about these things, because we take care of it all.

But how will you set up and maintain this site later?

Well, after the website is built, we will then hand-build it into WordPress as a unique theme. This means that you will be able to change everything from your words and pictures to your entire menu – easily and with a few mouse clicks, and no prospect of breaking anything!

After we have done all that we can take care of your web hosting (whether or not you already have this) and simply deliver your website to you, ready-to-go!

You may not have heard of WordPress – or maybe you have, but would like to know more. If so, visit our FEATURES page for a simple walk-through guide to the world’s most-used content management system for websites.

But you will be interested to know that, aside from its easy-peasy way of allowing you to update your site, WordPress has any number of plug-ins that can be configured to do very clever things… and with our websites, that means some amazing features for your business, that will leave your rivals trailing! You can read more about these in the MORE FEATURES flyout.

We make it simple for you to:

  • Stand-out from the crowd with an online booking system built right into your site, so you can save hours juggling client appointments, and even take payments directly from them via an e-commerce account such as PayPal!
  • Have your own blog page to keep the world abreast of your latest offers and successes. You can even have this blog automatically connected to your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ etc pages, so that your blogs automatically go out to all of them at the same time!
  • Have an online shop, which we can help you to set up, to sell your products, downloads, guides etc.
  • And much, much more!

This is your showcase; your chance to sell YOUR skills to people who are looking for them… and first impressions count.

You will find your small outlay to us will come back many, many times over. Just check out our TESTIMONIALS page and discover how one hypnotherapist client increased her turnover by 300 per cent in a week after we re-made her site, and is now fully-booked week after week – even in school holidays!

Whether you practise acupuncture, aromatherapy, beauty therapy, chiropractic, counselling, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, life coaching, massage, meditation, nutrition, osteopathy, personal training, physiotherapy, pilates, psychotherapy, reiki